Anathema is a short film created by a very small crew of Dutch filmmakers. It’s been in development for almost three years, but our team can now look back with pride as the film was completed in the summer of 2014.


With a too-small-to-be-real budget, but with great new technologies (like the Canon 550D), we successfully put to the test a method of indie-filmmaking that can best be described as “guerrilla-filmmaking”. We went to the city of Charleroi in Belgium in August of 2011 to shoot in and around abandoned buildings, some of which are also popular among urban explorers.

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About the story

The story came out of our interest in the world of religion storywise. Without being religious myself (the director) I was and still am intrigued by stories from religions around the world and throughout the ages, particularly regarding Good vs Evil in a philosophical sense. In this case, the epic poem Tin Captain in Anathema‘The Divine Comedy’ (famous for its first part: Inferno) written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century have been a constant leitmotif in the process of writing Anathema.

While studying we came up with the questions that define Anathema: “Are there conditions that justify the killing of a person?” and “what makes us what we really are?”.

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So why are we doing this?

First of all, because filmmaking is awesome! We were inspired by the large amount of indie films that
can be found on the internet, especially since the introduction of DSLR filmmaking. With the help of many of tutorials (like the ones from FreddieW) and analysing other films, we found ourselves ready to take a shot at making one of our own.Hendrik Hensema as Daniel

Since we enjoy what other indie filmmakers create, we want to be an inspiration for other filmmakers ourselves, in the Netherlands and across the globe, by telling our story and sharing our tips. We learned so much in the process that we feel we should take our part in the indie film community.

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